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Hi! I'm Sabine.

And I'm here to help you take control of your finances & payroll so you can grow and thrive with more gumption, and dare I say: fun.

A little bit about me.

In 1998, I immigrated to Canada, following my husband whom I’ve met while traveling South East Asia. We arrived in Vancouver with 9 backpacks and enough cash to get us going for a little while. We had no jobs, no friends, no family near by and no place to call home. What we did have was determination to make a life for ourselves, and the baby we were expecting.

Being an immigrant in a new country was an uphill battle. After settling in and being a stay at home mom for many years, I went back to school, taking a bookkeeping course at Vancouver Island University.

Bookkeeping was a perfect fit for me and I never looked back.

I know building a business takes time, dedication, perseverance and hard work. I’ve gone through many of the struggles common to business owners. And I know how important it is to create a tribe of people you enjoy working with and trust. I have been fortunate to have an incredible tribe myself and am extremely grateful that my clients consider me a part of their tribe.

I am a member of the “Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada” and am proud to have received my ‘Certified Professional Bookkeeper’ designation. This designation requires me to continually educate myself and keep current with what is happening in the industry.

I am very personable and pride myself in being a team player. I take my role as your bookkeeper very seriously as I am fully aware that I’ve been trusted to look after your livelihood.

I’m also straight to the point. If I see a problem or issue, I will let you know early on while identifying potential solutions. This requires flexibility on both ends, going with the flow and making changes when needed.

By working with me you will not only gain a certified professional bookkeeper, but also a team member that will support your business, your ideas, your dreams and your visions.

I look forward to connecting with you.


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We have had the privilege of being one of Sabines clients for almost 10 years now. Sabine is one of the most driven, organised, and detail-oriented people that I've ever met. She has become an essential part of our sucess-driven team. 

Sabine’s dedication to success and commitment to excellence has enabled us to elevate our business to the next level, more than doubling our production, staffing and revenue over the past two years.  Sabine's company plays a massive role in the development and maintenance of our company infrastructure, as well as the smooth behind-the-scenes daily operations, including planning and maintaining budgets and taxation.
Sabine is a truly inspired professional and we are lucky to have her and Bayside Bookkeeping as part of our successful business.

Tom & Crystal Moore

Crust Bakery, Victoria, BC

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