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Whether you have an incorporated business or operate a hair salon, a barber shop, a coffee shop or a physiotherapy clinic, Bayside Bookkeeping can help you take control of your finances so you can grow and thrive.



5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Bookkeeper.




We know that a lack of clarity is the primary reason for failure and we are on a mission to change that because clarity brings fulfillment & prosperity. (and who doesn't want that, right?)


Assurance is all about confidence and we know that with confidence, the road to growth is much more enjoyable and therefore, fruitful.


Total Peace of Mind

In our industry, false security is the norm and peace of mind is a myth. At Bayside Bookkeeping, we are dedicated to make peace of mind your day-to-day reality.

The Game Changing

Payroll Knowledge & Setup 

for Barbers & Salon Owners.

Salon Owners & Barbers have very unique & different payroll requirements than most businesses and 99.9% of them are set up like a ticking time bomb without knowing it. 

SalonAlly360 is here to fix that.

How We Help

We Can

Whether you have an incorporated business or operate a hair salon, a barber shop, a coffee shop or a physiotherapy clinic, Bayside Bookkeeping can help you take control of your finances.


Since 2009, we’ve helped many business owners and entrepreneurs with their day to day bookkeeping and payroll. Utilizing the power of the cloud allows for real time financial data and empowers you, as a business owner to be pro-active when it comes to your business growth and finances.

As your bookkeeper, and part of your team, we set up systems to:

Establish a proper accounting data base

Streamline payroll

Be compliant with GST/PST/WCB/Payroll remittances

Develop an easy-to-use and hassle-free way to upload receipts and bills


Provide access to Citrix for secure and easy access to all your important documents 

Identify and alleviate your growing pains

Together we will find solutions and workflows so you can rest assured knowing your business finances are well taken care of. You will also experience what it means to have peace of mind.

And most importantly, we will grow with you and your business, anticipating and identifying your needs to keep you on track.

Who We Work With

Who We Work With

While we work with a variety of clients and businesses, we specialize in working with:

Hair salons and barber shops as we understand the complex requirements for chair renters, EI and T4s.

Choice in support for independent living (CSIL)

Health & Wellness Clinics

Incorporated businesses of all sizes

What makes us unique and different?

At Bayside Bookkeeping, we're not just outstanding bookkeepers, we become a part of your team. We are involved and fully invested in your growth and success. How? Through our Ally360 unique approach. That's what makes us unique and different, and what our clients love and appreciate the most about working with us. 

Z - Tom Moore Crust Bakery .jpg

We have had the privilege of being one of Sabines clients for almost 10 years now. Sabine is one of the most driven, organised, and detail-oriented people that I've ever met. She has become an essential part of our sucess-driven team. 

Sabine’s dedication to success and commitment to excellence has enabled us to elevate our business to the next level, more than doubling our production, staffing and revenue over the past two years.  Sabine's company plays a massive role in the development and maintenance of our company infrastructure, as well as the smooth behind-the-scenes daily operations, including planning and maintaining budgets and taxation.
Sabine is a truly inspired professional and we are lucky to have her and Bayside Bookkeeping as part of our successful business.

Tom & Crystal Moore

Crust Bakery, Victoria, BC

Keep Calm & Hire The Right Bookkeeper.
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