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Game Changing Payroll Knowledge and Setup
for Barbers and Salon Owners.

Salon Owners & Barbers have very unique & different payroll requirements than most businesses and 99.9% of them are set up like a ticking time bomb without knowing it. 


​The SalonAlly360 program is tailored to guide you from A to Z in your payroll setup while providing pivotal information, resources and knowledge of the less known and unique 
requirements that are specific to the hair salon and barber industry.

Gain invaluable payroll knowledge to help you grow with peace of mind.

From learning about government requirements, chair renters, different types of earnings, to implementing best practice onboarding procedures, SalonAlly360 is here to guide you to the complete and compliant setup of your entire payroll system  so you can enjoy and focus on the success and growth of your salon or barber shop.

A practical step-by-step program for your unique business.

The SalonAlly360 program is tailored to guide you from A to Z in your payroll setup while providing pivotal information, resources and knowledge of the less known and unique requirements that are in place specifically for the hair salon and barber industry.


Finally! A simple, step-by-step program to help you set up and optimize your payroll for compliance, growth, and total peace of mind.

A first of its kind, SalonAlly360 will take you on a journey of empowerment, create momentum and increase your chance of running a successful salon or barbershop.

1: Knowledge & Education

To get you out of the danger zone so you don’t go from ‘striving' to 'barely surviving’.

Hair Salon _edited.jpg
2: Resources & Templates

Essential to make your onboarding, setup and payroll process easy, simple and hassle free so you have more time to do what you love.

3: Compliance & Peace of Mind

Pivotal to avoid massive penalties and to the continued success of your salon or barbershop, letting you sleep at night knowing you’ve taken care of business.

Are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose? Let's make sure your payroll is not set up like a ticking time-bomb like 99.9% of salon owners out there!

Here's what you will learn with SallonAlly360:

Module 1
Employee vs Self Employed
Chair Renter

The ‘Status of Employment’ is the foundation of your payroll setup because all steps that follow are dependent on it.

In Module 1 you will learn the facts provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)  that help you differentiate between an employee and a self employed chair renter and how each status affects you and your business.


A ‘ Team Member Assessment’ of your current workers will help ensure that you are on the right track and ready to move forward.

Module 2
Types of Earnings And
Why They Matter

The type of earning (insurable & pensionable) determines if the worker is entitled to Employment Insurance (EI) and how they are treated under the  Canada Pension Plan (CPP). 


In Module 2 we will look at the different  types of pay  (hourly, commission, tips etc….), and  whether they are considered to be ‘insurable’ and/or ‘pensionable’ earnings,  so you can be fully aware of the obligations and responsibilities that come with each.

Module 3
Chair Renters

In Module 3 we uncover the real danger zone in your Salon Payroll!

Chair Renters


Chair Renters are considered ‘Special’ in the eyes of the Canada Revenue Agency, and not all of the usual, well known self-employed rules do apply.


We will unearth what these special rules are and why they are in place, and bring light to the additional obligations they bring for you and your salon or barbershop.


You will receive all necessary resources and templates, so you can set up, adjust and/or fix your system for compliance and total peace of mind.

Module 4
Direct and Controlled Tips

Tips are a big part of any salon or barber shop, and the CRA keeps a close eye on them to ensure they are treated according to the rules and regulations.


In Module 4 you will learn the difference between direct and controlled tips, the requirements that follow, and how each affects the way you have to pay them out to your workers.


With this knowledge you will be able to make an informed decision on which method fits your business best and it will allow you to stay compliant with yet another aspect of your salon payroll.

Module 5

In Module 5 you will get to know and master the process of bringing a new team member on-board. 

You will learn ‘what’ is needed, ‘why’ it is needed, and ‘how’ to use the information you received, 

so you can successfully set up your worker within your payroll system.


This module comes with templates and resources that will simplify this very important process for you.

Module 6
Timesheets - One To Rule Them All

In Module 6 we will dive into the timesheet we have created specifically for the hair salon and barber industry.


This invaluable resource lets you capture all that is required in order to complete a successful and compliant payroll.

Module 7
Payroll Setup and T4s

In Module 7 we will analyze the behind the scenes of your payroll setup and examine how a T4 needs to look like when dealing with barbers, hair dressers and chair renters.

A handy cheat sheet will ensure that you are staying on track, that you are keeping the government happy and your salon and barbershop safe.

Module 8
Recap and Payroll Providers

In the final module we recap and confirm that you are prepared and ready to finalize the setup of your new payroll system.

We will look at Payroll Providers and why you should have one.

The Bottom Line Is This:

We need you!

Hair salons and barbershops are an important and vital part of our lives and our communities.


You transform us, you pamper, you listen and you care.

You have the power to make us walk a little taller and your magic puts that extra skip into our steps. You make us feel good about ourselves and when we feel good about ourselves - everyone wins. 


SalonAlly360 is here to ensure you and your salon will be around for years to come by not falling victim to a payroll audit gone horribly wrong.

Brutal Fact:

Many salon owners are not educated when it comes to their payroll setup and trust that their bookkeeper keeps them in the safe zone. 

Unfortunately - ignorance will not save you from punishment!

A payroll audit gone wrong can set you behind years, leave you owing thousands of dollars and can crumble your business in the blink of an eye.


What's the investment you ask:

The SalonAlly360 online program will ask you for your commitment, your curiosity, your time and your perseverance in following through so your payroll can be set up with 100% accuracy and compliance. 

Plus a one time investment of $497.

(A very small price to pay to avoid falling victim to a payroll audit gone horribly wrong.)

Wondering what kind of results you can create?

From saving you time running your payroll, to attracting great talent, and workers that know they are being taken care of, to you feeling empowered as a business owner.

Ultimately - knowing you are compliant with your payroll will bring the peace of mind knowing that you are rocking it.

This refreshing and important payroll program will change your life, but don't take our word for it. See what our clients have to say:

Daniel image.jpeg

"Sabine has given me such peace of mind over my salon operations. From detailed timesheets, to onboarding forms and payroll -  Sabine has excellent systems in place to handle everything with utmost detail and precision. No more late nights worrying if things have been missed because I know Sabine has taken care of everything, and even thought of things that I haven't.
Sabine takes the time to explain and communicate in an easy-to-understand way and is extremely helpful and resourceful.

If bookkeeping angels exist, Sabine is definitely one. I can't recommend Bayside Bookkeeping highly enough!"

Daniel Callighen
Is Salon Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

Z - Genevieve Grieve_edited.jpg

"Meeting Sabine from Bayside Bookkeeping has literally been life changing! Sabine was able to stumble across something my prior bookkeepers and accountants had missed and it almost cost me my business. 

The greatest gift you can give your business is to know how salon payroll actually works and to be educated and not just blindly trust your bookkeeper or accountant.

Educate yourself so you don’t make the same mistakes I once did. Mistakes that were very expensive to fix and put everything I worked so hard for at risk!

Sabine has unlocked so many financial doors through her investigations, I could never thank her enough. 
Sabine definitely feels more like a friend and someone that is genuinely invested in my company’s growth.
I'm truly speechless with her knowledge and how prompt, efficient and great Sabine is to work with."

Genevieve Grieve
EK Hair Design, Duncan BC

Z - Tim McClean_edited.jpg

"Sabine has been our savior! From wrangling the business' needs and setting us up for success from the start. Always a phone call away and never late on topics and needs. Numbers are not my strength, but Sabine has always simplified the process and helped me succeed in business where needed.

Most importantly, Sabine has helped with our salon payroll setup and execution - especially with my chair renters! Sabine is 100% informed on all the needs for a salon owner and the payroll that comes with it! We have very different requirements when it comes to paying EI for the chair renters and their T4 - something that I was not aware of!

Totally recommend Sabine and Bayside Bookkeeping!"

Tim McClean
Global Educator and

Cutting & Style Master for

Kevin Murphy
Fern & Sage Hair, Duncan, BC

“Knowledge is NOT power.
Knowledge is only potential power.

Tony Robbins

Are you ready to take action?

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